Saturday, December 1, 2012

McSteamy vs. McDreamy

           Watching sexy doctor shows is personally my favorite pastime. The medical cases are often very extreme, rare, and particularly intriguing treatments. But what truly makes these shows rock are the crazy love conflicts, which are clearly necessary for the success of these shows. The amount of people not resting and getting laid in the on-call room is alarming/awesome.
            But in retrospect, most of these characters’ lives suck. Their friends, family, partners, and eventually they die. The absolute worst-case scenarios happen to them. And now you’re probably thinking, this has to happen for people to watch. But isn’t it kind of sick that we have to see the twist and turns of some emotionally damaged doctor to be entertained. I mean don’t feel too bad for them; they look like they have very active and thriving sex lives. Even the “virgin” in Grey’s Anatomy is having sex!
            Although these shows are my guilty pleasure, they also drive me to frustration. My doctor is not nearly as attractive as Patrick Dempsey or Eric Dane (still grieving over Mark’s death). My pediatrician is kind of old, and has really cold hands. And yes, I still go to the pediatrician! I’m only sixteen and I plan to enjoy my last years with my pediatrician, even if he hates me, which he does. Why not go to the pediatrician if you’re under eighteen years old? If you’re older than that, you’ll be pushing it.  
  •  Most pediatricians will never outright call you fat.
  •  If they imply that you’re fat, you can cry without feeling embarrassed. (Score!)
  • They have the best Band-Aid’s. Having Charlie Brown on your Band-Aid IS   something to brag about.
  • They’re used to people crying during blood tests and vaccinations.  
 After all this you should definitely go watch Grey’s Anatomy, Scrubs, and House (lacking sex scenes). But whatever you do, do not watch the ones that air during the day (They suck, unless you’re a housewife.). Also I suggest newcomers if you’re a nerd like me, Emily Owens M.D. or The Mob Doctor.

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