Saturday, December 1, 2012

Naive Children

           As children, we all had these perfect expectations for our futures. It’s the utopia that we couldn’t wait to grow up in. You don’t ever imagine things not going your way. All you see is this perfect happiness, modeled from a movie or novel. And that’s what makes childhood special. You learn and see new things and all you want is the best for yourself, because you’re too innocent to know the worst.
            When I was too young to know any better, I only wanted my life to be something like a Disney channel TV show. There would be conflict, but it would always be solved in a 30-minute period, and everything would be perfect again. After all of the problems I would be enlightened by some life lesson, that to many would seem obvious. Unfortunately, my problems don’t have 30-minute life spans.
            I haven’t even really grown up, but looking back now, I am not where I expected to be at sixteen when I was 5. I thought I was going to be extremely popular. That has yet to happen/ I don’t think I really want that to happen. I was supposed to be quite the man’s lady, and have a hot, intelligent, popular, but respectful boyfriend. I haven’t had a boyfriend or nearly as many as I thought I was going to have.  I thought no one had sex until they were married. Boy was I in for a shock! I actually thought sex was the most disgusting act to exist between two people. If 50 Shades of Grey came out when I was little I wouldn’t have been so blind, I swear! I also thought I was going to have a pony. I’m not sure if I would even fit on a pony at my age, but a girl can dream.
            I’m not unhappy with how I turned out, but I wish younger me would’ve been more realistic with the future. I was definitely not ready for the epiphany that hit me once I matured and gained the little life experience that I have. I realized I hadn’t accomplished anything that I had wanted to do by sixteen, which was kind of depressing.  Although, I truly don’t think I would want to be what little me had planned out. I plan to be much more cautious when thinking about what is to come, I won’t be expecting my life to be like Sex and the City when I’m in my thirties (As much as I want it to!).

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