Saturday, December 1, 2012

Arm Shaving

            I firmly believe that women should constantly groom themselves; people in general should groom themselves. But there is one act of grooming I refuse to do. Arm shaving or just arm hair removal in general. Particularly because I am just too lazy to shave my two arms, I already have to shave two legs! Give me a break. But overall, my hatred for this act of grooming is rooted at the fact that this only makes women sabotage other women. Women that shave their arms make me (and other women who don’t shave their arms) look like hairy bastards!
            I recall being with a friend and her mother on the elevator in the Nordstrom’s on 14th street when they started to discuss that they needed to shave their arms soon because their hair was starting to grow back. This was the first time I had heard of arm hair removal being done as a normal act of grooming like shaving your legs. I thought the only people who removed their arm hair were supermodels, or the Kardashians (What do they not do?).  Confused, I asked why they would shave their arm hair, especially since it was so blonde, and hardly noticeable. They looked at me like I had 5 heads, almost in disbelief and in unison said,” Everyone does it! It’s gross not to!” Embarrassed, and becoming increasingly red (my body’s reaction to basically any emotion beside neutral) I laughed and played along like I, myself was an arm shaver. For the rest of the elevator ride I stared at myself in the mirror knowing they would say nothing further once they saw my hairy arms. I stayed in silent horror wishing I had worn something with sleeves that day.
            After thorough research in the American Girls The Care and Keeping of You (only the scariest book a pubescent girl can read) , I realized that not everyone does this, Thank you God!

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